Hunting for Faith

Rating: R


SummaryIt starts a few days earlier. Castiel first notices it in the middle of the night when the dreams of fire and screams have kept him awake. He’s kneeling before the altar, praying, when the glass in the windows start to shake, the very air vibrating around him. Castiel is on his feet and reaching for the gun tucked into the back of his pants as the shutters over the windows start to rattle.

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Length130,581 (WIP)

Rating: M

SummaryWhen King John of the West Saxons forms an alliance with a neighboring Christian kingdom, his eldest son Dean ends up playing a role he never expected.


im looking for some fics told from sam's point of view. like, sam finding out about dean and cas, or him watching their relationship grow.

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Bottoms Up

Rating: R

Length: 25k

SummarySam could’ve kissed them both when he got to the bunker one day to find a string of clothing (his heart nearly burst with hope when he saw the abandoned flannel and trench coat) leading to a very naked pile of limbs tangled on the couch. Just kidding. Of course it wasn’t the couch. Sam always imagined it as the couch because the fact that he actually found them on the dining room table had tainted the happiness of the memory.

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One, Two, Three, Repeat

Rating: R

Length: 10,103

SummaryCas and Dean have spent the last five years surviving the end of the world by relying on one another for support. However, when a 2009 version of Dean shows up at Camp Chitaqua, his confusion about their relationship reveals that something in the timeline has been changed.

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He's Oh, So Healthy in His Body and His Mind

Rating: R

Length: 2841

SummaryDean has a surprise for Cas, and gets surprised in return. He should really learn not to ever be surprised by his boss.

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Humble Pie

Rating: PG13+

Length: 58k~

SummarySam and Dean Winchester are professional lawbreakers and criminals. That being said, they’re awfully good at minding their own business and staying out of trouble. That is, until they’re landed with an escaped slave and what might just be the story of their lives. On the run and with enemies on every side, all Dean can think about is finding a way to keep his brother safe and get the cops off his tail. But things are never that easy, and this particular complication is one of the heart, and comes ready-packaged with a pair of very blue eyes…

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Office Romance

Rating: R

Length: 5534

SummaryDean Winchester has a slight infidelity problem. His girlfriend, Lisa Braeden, is well aware of his sexual exploits. Which is why she has decided that she’s going to choose Dean’s next secretary.

It isn’t her fault the guy she chooses to hire is the most fuckable guy Dean has ever seen.

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Rating: R

Length: 1500

SummaryCas is wet and naked in there, miles of warm skin Dean has never seen.

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Rating: R


Summary Years ago, Dean Winchester was the detective who put serial killer Castiel Goodwin behind bars. Last spring, Cas was proven innocent and his conviction overturned. Neither could’ve predicted the way their lives would intertwine… 

Rec’d by Emily

A really riveting and suspenseful murder mystery that had me guessing the entire time!

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